NaturVet Foundation Donates to Canine Support Teams

The NaturVet Foundation is a proud supporter of the Canine Support team of Menifee, CA. We assist their work in providing assistance dogs to people that are in the greatest need, including our returning war veterans. The economy has slowed donations to this very worthy cause and The NaturVet Foundation felt it was worthwhile to help them continue their very important programs.

Canine Support Teams also has an extremely successful “Prison Pup Program”. This program utilizes incarcerated women at California Institution for Women in Corona, CA, to do the advanced training on service dogs. They also run a “Youth at Risk Shelter Dog Program” at Southwest Juvenile Hall in Murrieta, CA. They rescue shelter dogs and place them in a twelve-week basic obedience course with the juveniles to make them more adoptable.

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NaturVet Foundation Supports Local Pet Shelters

The NaturVet Foundation works closely with local animal shelters to support their educational programs. We believe these local shelters are great resources to educate the public on animal safety and handling and how to turn an adopted animal into a furry family member.

We help raise money for these shelters through our donations and most importantly, our annual golf tournament.

“The NaturVet Foundation is a caring organization. The founders of the organization, Scott and Traci Garmon, are very passionate about their cause and the animals they help.”

- Alice Sullivan, President and CEO of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce

“I want to bring awareness to the community that there are alternatives to buying pets from poor quality breeders and stores that support mass volume puppy mills. Educating others that there are great pets ready and waiting to be adopted, many of which are already trained and have nothing wrong with them, is the passion behind this foundation.”

-Traci Garmon, Co-Founder of The Garmon Corporation and Co-Owner of NaturVet

Support During The Times Most Needed

The NaturVet Foundation believes in lending a helping hand whether it is for the day-to-day operations of a pet shelter or during a time of crisis.  Recently NaturVet & the NaturVet Foundation donated $10,000 to the PETO Foundation to help with conservation efforts for dogs, cats and horses that have been injured or displaced from their homes due to flooding and tornadoes.  The PETCO Foundation responds to disasters affecting animals and the people who love and need them, directing monetary and product donations to the areas where it is needed most.

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